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Dry Paint Testing

Tristar Coatings is pleased to offer a wide variety coating testing services. Our state of the art laboratory coupled with our experienced in-house chemists Tristar can provide quick and accurate results for your products.

Tristar can show you the proper application procedures for Cup guns, siphon feeds, air assisted airless guns.

We also have a large spraybooth for painting larger pieces.

Our industry leading colour matching laboratory is ready to match your colour through a combination of digital and visual methods.

Tristar Coatings can test the pencil hardness and Sward Rocker Hardness.

Pull Off and Cross Hatch available.

Test flexibility with a Conical or Cylindrical Bender.

Direct and Reverse

Tristar Coatings offers a wide range of fluid resistance testing services.

Following industry standards we can provided timely and accurate results.

ASTM D471 Ref Fuel B

BAMS 564-003 Type IV Phosphate Ester Base Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic  Fluid, Petroleum Base; Aircraft Missile and Ordinance.

Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Turbine Engine, Synthetic Base

MIL-PRF-87257 Hydraulic Fluid, fire resistant, low temp, synthetic, hydrocarbon-based.

Salt Spray and prohesion available.

QUV Testing

Absolute Dry Film Thickness

Surface Profile Gauge

Multi-player Analysis

Accurate and clear microscopic analysis of substrate and topcoats.


* Please include specific testing requirements (ASTM test methods/aerospace specifications) in quote requests if required

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