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Proteus™ 800

Waterbased Peelable Protective Coating

Features a flexible, temporary protective coating that can easily be peeled off. Ideal for spraybooths or other surfaces in very dirty areas for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Can be applied direct-to-metal as well as other surfaces needing temporary surface protection. An excellent coating for temporary protection on a variety of manufactured products and surfaces during assembly, transportation, and storage.

Peel off when no longer needed or when a fresh coating is desired. Helps to reduce maintenance time by keeping surfaces clean, minimizing surface preparation.

ProteusTM 800 is available in a variety colours and can be spray or brush applied. Fast drying to minimize downtime of spraybooths or equipment.

• Fast Dry
• Easily removed
• Excellent spraying characteristics
• Very low VOC
• Temporary protection for
corrosion and abrasion resistance

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