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Starpoxy™ 420 Low Chromate

Low Chromate Fluid Resistant Epoxy Primer

Starpoxy™ 420 epoxy primer is a tough epoxy/polyamide low strontium chromate (4.3%/wt.) primer boasting excellent impact and chemical resistance designed specifically for the aerospace industry’s high-performance requirements.

It complies with BAMS 565-001 Grade B Category 1, Type 2 and is certified to VAMS 565-001, Grade B, Category 1, Type 2 and VMS C4.01, Type 3, Grade B requirements.

Starpoxy™ 420 also displays outstanding anti-corrosion performance on aluminum substrate in aerospace and industrial applications.

  • Excellent anti corrosion properties
  • Long pot life
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Excellent spraying characteristics
  • Outstanding solvent and Skydrol resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminum, steel, galvanized, stainless and some plastics
  • Fast Drying (Can be forced dry)

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