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Starpoxy™ 470

High Solids Low VOC Epoxy Primer/Topcoat

Starpoxy™ 470 High Solids Low VOC Fluid Resistant Epoxy Primer is a chromate‑free corrosion and chemical‑resistant primer designed for general industrial applications. Provides excellent adhesion to aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, composites, and some plastics. Starpoxy™ 470 High Solids Low VOC Primer is also available in Chromated, Electrostatic or Zinc Rich formulation.

Starpoxy™ 470 High Solids Low VOC Epoxy Topcoat is a tough chemical resistant topcoat with outstanding durability designed specifically for heavy industrial applications. The topcoat can also be formulated as a unicoat with direct to metal application.

  • Chromate-free anti‑corrosion pigments
  • Available in 2.1 lbs/UG VOC
  • Long pot life with stable viscosity
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Excellent spraying characteristics
  • Outstanding solvent and Skydrol resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminum, steel, galvanized, stainless, composites and some plastics
  • Fast drying (Can be force dried)

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