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Starathane™ 550

Features hard, flexible, high gloss film with outstanding weather and chemical resistance. Starathane™ 550 High Solids Acrylic Aliphatic Polyurethane topcoat is designed for small aircraft, automotive, fleet, and related transportation industry’s demanding specifications or where a high-performance coating is required.

Starathane™ 550 has similar film properties to Starathane™ 560 but in higher solids and lower VOC. Starathane™ 550 is a fast curing topcoat providing full film curing in 36 hours (must be applied over a primed surface). 2.1 lbs/UG VOC clearcoat is available.

  • Excellent DOI and Gloss (superior to Basecoat/Clearcoat system in appearance – 92 vs100+ degree DOI)
  • Low VOC
  • High Solids
  • Fast curing film
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent spraying characteristics
  • Good solvent resistance
  • Excellent UV resistance

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