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Starathane™ 620

Fluid Resistant Polyester Polyurethane Topcoat

For a hard, flexible, high gloss film with outstanding weather and chemical resistance. Starathane™ 620 polyester polyurethane topcoat is designed for the aerospace industry’s exacting specifications or where a high-performance coating is required. Starathane™ 620 is approved under the following specifications: DHMS C4.04 Ty 4, BAMS 565‑002, BAMS 565-009, D‑12‑003‑001/SF‑000, System 1, Class I, II, III, and IV.

  • Tough, time‑proven coating used worldwide by major manufacturers
  • Excellent depth‑of‑image and gloss
  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • Excellent spraying characteristics
  • Outstanding solvent resistance
  • Remarkable flexibility
  • Fantastic UV resistance
  • Fluids Resistance – Skydrol Hi-Jet as well

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