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Starpoxy™ 420

Strontium Chromate Fluid Resistant Epoxy Primer

StarpoxyTM 420 epoxy primer is a tough epoxy/polyamide strontium chromate primer boasting excellent impactand chemical resistance designed specifically for the aerospace industry’s high-performance requirements. Starpoxy 420TM is approved for the following specifications: de Havilland DHMS C4.01 Type 2, VHMS C4.01, Bombardier (Canadair) BAMS 565-001 Ty 1 C1 Gr. A, BAMS 565-08 Ty II C1 A Gr A, National Defense MIL PRF 23377, Type 1, Class C2

  • Outstanding performance = Better finish & improved product
  • Long pot life = Less waste, fewer mixings
  • Easy learning curve = Lower training costs
  • Fast drying = Faster production cycle times
  • Easy to blend = Reduced labour cost

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