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Proteus™ 900

Chromate-Free Waterborne Epoxy Primer

Proteus™ 900 Waterborne Epoxy Primer boasting a high degree of chemical and corrosion protection, excellent adhesion, fast hardness development and excellent flexibility is designed to maximize productivity with a long pot life and fast dry times. Proteus™ 900 meets BAMS 565-01 Grade B spec and all current and anticipated environmental requirements. Available in higher solids industrial version.

  • Low VOC levels = Reduced regulatory burdens
  • Long pot life = Less waste, fewer mixings
  • Easy learning curve = Lower training costs
  • Fast drying = Faster production cycle times
  • No induction time = Faster cycle times, less labour cost
  • Easy to blend = Reduced labour cost
  • Low odour = Applicators concentrate better
  • Outstanding performance = Better finish & improved product
  • Excellent stability = No settling or creaming during storage
  • Long term water and humidity resistance

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