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Starathane™ HIHIDE 670

Same or Better Performance at Half the Weight!

• Low VOC levels = Reduced regulatory burdens
• Long pot life = Less waste, fewer mixings
• Easy learning curve = Lower training costs
• Fast drying = Faster production cycle times
• No induction time = Faster cycle times, less labour cost
• Easy to blend = Reduced labour cost
• Outstanding performance = Better finish & improved product

Featuring high impact resistance, outstanding flexibility, excellent chemical and weather resistance, Starathane HIHIDE™ 670 uses high solids polyester polyurethane technology to deliver a brilliant finish every time. Fully compatible with our Proteus™ line of waterborne epoxy primers, Starpoxy™ solvent-based epoxy primers, and numerous other industry standard primers, makes this product an obvious choice as topcoat for internal aircraft structures.

Available in all colors, including IR reflective and impact indicating coatings for composites, HIHIDE™ (High Opacity) materials provide the same protective and decorative properties as conventional topcoats, while achieving 98% contrast ratio (ASTM D6441) when applied at a minimum dry film thickness of 0.8 mils. High versatility formulation allows for protective coating application at low thickness (0.6 to 0.9 mil per new standards) as well as at regular topcoat thicknesses as high as 2.0 – 2.5 mils for best decorative finish.

The material is also qualified to be used as touch-up coating for aircraft fasteners both with (for best corrosion protection) and without primer as a direct adhesion topcoat.

In addition, blister pack pouches for low volume, brush, and line fastener touch-up work are available in regular and brushable variations (with reduced VOC) for improved coverage.

Starathane HIHIDE™ 670H is approved under the following specifications:

• BAMS 565-002 Grade B, Class 20

• BAERD BA500-001 Rev C. • BAMS 565-007

• for BAMS 565-009 and BAMS 565-002 Class 33 refer to our regular StarathaneTM 670 product

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