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Gloss Ranges

Gloss is a subjective term used to describe the relative amount and nature of mirror-like (specular) reflection. The amount of reflected light increases with an increase of the illumination angle. That is why it is easier to see imperfections say in auto body repair when looking along side rather than straight on to the vehicle. A glossmeter measures the specular reflection at a fixed reflection angle. For paint and coatings, the angle is generally assumed to be 60 ° unless otherwise stated.
The measurement results of a glossmeter are related to the amount of reflected light from a standard. The measurement gloss value for this defined standard is equal to 100 gloss units, frequently shown as 100° gloss.
Trade practice recognizes the following stages in increasing order of gloss but is not always consistent on the gloss measurements of each stage.
Low Gloss
High Gloss
Gloss @ 60 % Angle of Reflection
Note: Final gloss on the painted substrate can be altered significantly (15-20°) by 1 or more of the following factors:
1. Texture of substrate.
2. Porosity of substrate.
3. Film build of paint.
4. Spray technique.
5. Reduction / Solvent addition.
6. Dry times
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